Our Product

We offer our customers the highest quality products from the best factories around the world. All our products are available at highly competitive prices and cater to wide markets across Africa and Middle East, distributed by our local partners.

All our products are sourced from the best-in-class manufacturing units. We take great pride in serving our customers with only the best products, which are produced in modern factories under strict quality control supervision. On top of that, our products are specially produced while keeping the African consumers as priority.

tomato paste

Tomato Paste

ZAD Tomato paste is made from the best quality fresh tomatoes, using the most advanced processing technology which helps us preserve the original taste, colour and nutrient benefits of a tomato. Your reasons to buy ZAD tomato paste:

  1. Red Colour
  2. Thick and rich paste
  3. All goodness of natural tomatoes preserved.

Sizes available:

  • 70 gm Sachet
  • 70 gm Tins – Hard open & Easy open
  • 400 gm Tins – Hard open & Easy open
  • 800 gm Tins – Hard open & Easy open
  • 2.2 Kg Tins – Hard open & Easy open

Spaghetti ​

ZAD spaghetti is made from highest quality durum wheat. ZAD spaghetti is produced in one of the most modern factories in Turkey using advanced technology and stringent quality control. Your reasons to buy ZAD Spaghetti:

  1. Rich in Protein.
  2. Ready in very quick time.
  3. Consistent colour & quality.

Sizes available:

  • 200 gm
  • 250 gm
  • 500 gm
cooking oil

Cooking Oil

ZAD cooking oil is produced in the most modern factories in Malaysia.
Your reasons to buy ZAD cooking oil:

  1. Zero cholesterol
  2. Contains Vitamin E
  3. Healthy with a balanced composition.

Sizes available:

  • 1 Litre – Pet bottle
  • 2 Litres – Pet bottle
  • 5 Litres – Pet bottle and Plastic can
  • 10 Litres – Plastic jerry cans
  • 20 Litres – Plastic jerry can
  • 25 Litres – Plastic jerry can

Detergent Powder

DURO detergent powder is produced using the latest technology with strict quality control. It effectively clean your clothes and is gentle on your hands.

Your reasons to buy DURO detergent powder:

  1. Removes tough stains and preserves colour
  2. High foam and perfume
  3. Soft on hands

​Sizes available:

  • 15 gm
  • 30 gm
  • 200 gm
  • 500 gm
  • 1 kg
  • 3 kg
  • ​10 kg
duro detergent
Sweetened Condensed Milk

Sweetened Condensed Milk

ZAD Sweetened Condensed Milk is made from high quality milk powder under stringent quality controls.

Your reasons to buy ZAD Sweetened Condensed Milk:

  1. Thick and creamy.
  2. Preserves goodness of the milk.
  3. Perfect for beverages (tea & coffee) and desserts.

We are available in sizes:

  • 1 kg Tins
  • 390 gm Tins

Canned Vegetable

ZAD Canned Vegetables are packed from best quality beans and peas, which are sourced from best cultivation zones. They are properly cleaned before processing and packaging, using most stringent quality control.

  1. ZAD Canned Vegetables are available in 3 varieties:
  2. Green Peas
  3. Foul Meddames
  4. White Kidney Beans​

We are available in size:

  • 400 gm Tins